Hoyer says House expects to pass Coronavirus bill on Friday

Hoyer says House expects to pass Coronavirus bill on Friday


But they are also under pressure to quickly act on the $2 trillion legislation that the Senate unanimously passed late Wednesday that provides individual checks to Americans, boosts unemployment insurance payments and provides financial assistance to businesses. 

Hoyer said that the passage by voice vote would still allow members who want to show up to the House floor in person on Friday morning to express their positions on the legislation. 


“In order to protect the safety of Members and staff and prevent further spread of COVID-19 through Members’ travel, the Republican Leader and I expect that the House vote on final passage will be done by voice vote,” Hoyer wrote. “Members who want to come to the House Floor to debate this bill will be able to do so.”



“In addition, we are working to ensure that those who are unable to return to Washington may express their views on this legislation remotely. My office will send out information tomorrow with those details,” Hoyer said. 





House leaders have been weighing options for how to continue their business remotely as health officials urge people not to gather in groups to prevent spread of the coronavirus. 


House Rules Committee Chairman Jim McGovern (D-Mass.) released a report earlier this week outlining possible options for members to cast votes in an emergency situation like the coronavirus, such as proxy voting that would allow absent members to authorize a member physically present in the chamber to vote on their behalf.